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Thank You for Choosing Orange Premier Plumbers – Your Top-Rated Plumber for Rooter and Drain Cleaning Service


Are you looking for a 24 hour plumbing company with a reputation for superior service? Orange Premier Plumbers has been keeping residents of Orange, California fully satisfied for the past 25 years. There are not many plumbing companies that can continue to provide excellent customer service and offer unbeatable pricing for as long as we have. Our staff of plumbing professionals provides a variety of services no matter how extensive or simple the issue may be. Whether you need your winterization services, help installing a bathroom sink, or you have a delicate sewer line repair, our certified plumbing technicians have the expertise and years of experience to assist you with all your plumbing needs.





Our Specialty is Residential Emergency Plumbing Services


The plumbing technicians at Orange Premier Plumbers never want you to be inconvenienced. This is why we have a dedicated team poised and ready to assist you no matter what time of day or night a plumbing emergency may occur. When residents of Orange are asked who they call first for residential plumbing solutions they always say Orange Premier Plumbers. Our referral rate for emergency plumbing services is high not only because we offer unbeatable pricing, but we because we also boast a 100% customer satisfaction rate.


When to Call Us for Drain Cleaning and Sewer Line Repair


When the drains in your home begin to drain slowly or refuse to let any water flow through, this is when it is time to call Orange Premier Plumbers. Ignoring the problem will not make it go away and it is quite possible that you could end up further damaging your pipes, resulting in expensive plumbing repair. Homeowners may choose to try to remedy the situation themselves by using chemical drain cleaners or plastic pipe-snacks. While these methods can be effective, professional plumbers typically advise against these methods because they do not always permanently solve the situation. Our expertly trained drain cleaning contractors will come to your home and resolve your drain cleaning issues quickly and within your budget.


We can also help you with sewer line repairs. These types of plumbing repairs can be particularly tricky, making it essential that you only allow professionally trained plumbing experts to make these repairs. Our licensed, bonded, and insured plumbers will have your sewage issues fixed to your satisfaction in no time at all!


A Plumbing Service Company in Orange that Guarantees their Work


Why do so many Orange homeowners and business owners call us when they have plumbing concerns? The reason is quite simple. We guarantee our work 100%. From the moment we provide you with a written estimate to the moment that we put the final touches on your plumbing repair, our customers know that if something goes wrong we are there to remedy it. Day or night, if you are not satisfied with the repairs you received we will do everything in our power to make it right. Our customer's satisfaction is always the number one priority of Orange Premier Plumbers!

Orange Premier Plumbers is a proud member of the Service Hero Plumbing family of businesses.