Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning

24/7 Drain Cleaning in Orange, CA by Local, Licensed PlumbersThe main function of a drainage system is to act as a conduit for wastewater from residential, commercial, and industrial buildings to septic tanks or other places where the wastewater can be further processed. At Orange Premier Plumbers, we understand that clogged drains can be annoying and know that they could be a sign of more serious problems with your drainage system. Orange Premier Plumbers is the go-to plumbing company when you need drain cleaning services in Orange and surrounding counties. We will handle all the problems with your drain system so that you do not have a bad day because of an overflowing toilet or clogged kitchen sink.

Here are a few facts you should know about drain cleaning.

Features of a Drainage System

New drainage systems are confined systems that prevent materials from entering the system and causing blockage. They also have an opening that gets rid of gases such as methane produced by the decay of waste matter. The drainage systems of toilets and bathrooms often feature S-traps behind toilet bowls and below sink drains. These features are designed to trap materials that may cause blockage of the drainage system. They also trap volatile gases, which are directed out of the plumbing system through vents. New drains use D and S traps that must be vented according to local regulations.

Avoid Using Drain Cleaning Chemicals

Avoid using store-bought chemicals for drain cleaning. Some drain cleaning chemicals contain corrosive elements that can damage your pipes. Letting the professionals handle your home’s drain cleaning needs will ensure that the right tools and products are used to protect your plumbing system.

It is important to schedule regular drain cleaning of your drainage system to prevent blockages and damage to your drainage system. Call us today for a free quote.

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