Signs It’s Time for Kitchen Faucet Repair

Faucet repair in Orange, CA, by licensed, local plumbersA leaky faucet, no matter where it is in your home, is disruptive and adds to your water bill. Even the smallest leak from a kitchen faucet, can raise your water bill significantly over a short time period. The truth is that faucets are fixtures that are susceptible to leaks because they are used so much throughout the day. Luckily, repair and replacement isn’t time extensive or outrageously expensive.

Common Reasons for Kitchen Faucet Repair

Faucets fail for a few reasons that include the following:

  • Worn Out Cartridge: A fully intact faucet prevents leakage. Over time, cartridges wear out because of usage and sediment collection.
  • Bad Seating: The seat provides the connection between the cartridge and the water supply. Like with the cartridge, consistent usage and sediment build up can affect performance. As the seat begins to corrode, leakage will follow.
  • Faulty Seal: Seals will breakdown over time. The seal is located where the water flows from the tap and is a part that is easily replaced for very little money or labor costs.

Professional Kitchen and Bathroom Faucet Installation

Sometimes it makes sense to replace a broken faucet than to deal with minor repairs. If you decide to go this route, we recommend hiring a professional plumber to help you with the install. Faucet installation may not look complicated, yet if you install it incorrectly then you could find that it begins to leak. Why take the chance? When you don’t have the skill set or the tool set, consider calling a plumber for help.

How Do I Find a Plumber Near Me?

Great question! If you’re in the local area, give us a call. We’re the #1 plumbers near you for kitchen faucet repair in Orange. We always answer the phone and take calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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