Outstanding Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement Service

A broken garbage disposal can leave you feeling a little out of sorts. When you flip that switch and nothing happens, don’t panic.  There is probably a very good explanation for why your disposal suddenly stopped working. Many times the solution is something as simple as pushing the reset button on the disposal’s motor. Other times, it could be a stuck propeller blade that needs to be cleaned out. Regardless of what the situation is, you can count on Orange Premier Plumbers to help you figure out the problem quickly.

Problems that Impede Garbage Disposal Function

There are typically five reasons for an inoperative disposal.

• Worn blades

• Corroded motor wiring

• Improper installation

• Rust buildup

• Food particles or foreign materials stuck in the propeller

These are usually easily fixable, requiring the expert hand of a plumbing professional in Orange, CA.

Another reason for a broken disposal could simply be the age of the appliance. Most disposals currently on the market have the capability to last for up to 10 years. If your disposal is approaching the decade mark, it may be more cost effective to consider replacing the model instead of making repairs.

There are a number of replacement models available that can be purchased starting around $100, depending on the horsepower, type of feed, and brand. If we send a plumber to your home, and he or she determines you need a replacement, we will provide you with assistance selecting a new model and provide you with guaranteed installation.

Keep Your Garbage Disposal Working Longer

Whether you buy a new disposal or repair your current appliance, our priority is to help you learn proper maintenance techniques to keep your appliance working at its peak as long as possible. Follow these quick tips for optimal performance:

• Limit the amount and type of food waste you place in your disposal. Do not overstuff the appliance and only place food waste that comes from cooking utensils or leftover food on your plate after a meal.

• Regularly clean your disposal and sharpen the blades with vinegar ice cubes. The ice will sharpen while the vinegar disinfects and reduces odors.

• Keep objects like plastic, bread ties, tab tops, coins, hairpins, and staples away from your kitchen sink. These objects are detrimental to the operation of your disposal.

For more maintenance tips or to schedule an appointment for garbage disposal repair or installation, connect with us today online or by phone. Find out firsthand why we are the preferred plumbing service in Orange, CA, for repair and replacement services.

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