Toilet Repair and Replacement Service in Orange, CA

At Orange Premier Plumbers, we take toilet repair seriously. We know that you need a fully functional bathroom in your home, and this includes a toilet that doesn’t clog or run constantly. If you’ve been experiencing problems with one or more toilets in your home, put the plunger down and give us a call. We have a team of plumbing specialists standing by waiting to respond to your plumbing emergencies day and night.

Struggling with Recurrent Clogs? Our Toilet Repair Experts Can Help

When the toilet water in your commode begins rising instead of flushing, panic can set in, and you may feel helpless. We know how disconcerting it can be to deal with a clogged toilet. Residential toilets clogs for a number of reasons, but the main culprits tend to be the following:

• Toilet paper: When too much toilet tissue is placed in the bowl, it may be difficult for it to go down along with the waste. Yes, toilet paper is made to dissolve and break apart in the water, but it is possible to put too much in the bowl.

• Paper towels, tissues, and other paper products: These products are not made to break apart like toilet tissue and can easily cause a blockage. Even if you only occasionally flush these items down the toilet, it can lead to build-up in the drainpipe and catch other waste and debris, eventually making it hard for the toilet to function properly.

• Feminine hygiene products: Tampons and pads are made to be absorbent, not flushable. Even if one of these products does disappear after you’ve flushed, it can still become lodged in the drainpipe.

• Wipes and diapers: It may seem like the best way to dispose of a soiled diaper, but you should never try to flush one of these items down the drain. It will clog the toilet bowl. Also, only flush baby wipes that specifically say they are designed to be flushable. Throw all others away in the trash can.

Another common cause of clogged toilets is the accidental flushing of foreign objects. Keeping items like hair pins, rubber bands, cotton balls, Q-tips, and even bathroom toys in the vanity will prevent accidents from happening.

Tough Clog Removal by Professional Plumbing Specialists

If a clog does occur, call us immediately. Our specialists use video plumbing technology to determine the exact reason for the clog and have access to special equipment to make the process fast and easy. From drain cleaning services to sewer line repair, you can count on our plumbing pros to get the job done quickly and correctly.

Call us today for toilet seal replacement, toilet installation, slow-fill toilet repair, and much more! We work on every brand of toilet and are available 24/7 to deliver exceptional plumbing service in Orange, CA.