Do You Need an Emergency Plumber in Orange? Call Us Today!

Whatever a person or business is passionate about is something they take pride in. They leave it with a sense of accomplishment. They focus on it and become experts at every nuance of it. They obsess over perfecting the craft. Our craft is providing plumbing services, and we have been building our expertise for more than 20 years of operation.

Of all the plumbers in the world, why us? We at Orange Premier Plumbers think that’s an excellent question, and we’ve devoted our business practices to answering. Choose us because we adhere to an ethical standard of unambiguous pricing by providing written estimates before performing the job and unbeatable rates. Choose us because we only employ industry certified professionals to promote quality workmanship. Or, choose us because we protect our and our clients’ interests by maintaining our licensing, bonding, and insurance.

From a Clogged Drain to Catastrophes, We’re Here to Serve

We know that disaster doesn’t make an appointment to strike or limit itself to a 9-5 schedule, so we’re available to contact 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you need our assistance, we guarantee that we can get to you in under 90 minutes. There is no good time for something to break down or act up, but we’ve built our business on being prepared to keep our clients prepared. Our electronic leak detection is the best in Orange and all of our plumbing services are designed to make fast and effective repairs.

We’re Equipped to Provide Camera Inspections of Your Lines

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth? It very well may be a way to boost your credibility when you go to sell your home. A home or property owner is responsible for the conditions of the plumbing, and for an affordable rate, we can reinforce your peace of mind by scoping your lines with a camera and providing the video footage. If we uncover any problems on the way, we have the equipment and expertise to take care of it. If you need service, give us a call.